Bring some 3D glass into your home

Chris Davies - May 29, 2007

You guessed it, sweethearts, it’s “guess my model motivation” time again!  Today’s frisky little photo minx is this handsome stallion, positioning a curious lighting panel called theANEMIX on his wall.  What might the dour gent be pondering, do we think?  That slight smile makes me think it’s some sort of reminiscence about wartime stockings.

theANEMIX lighting panel

As for theANEMIX itself, it’s an LED illuminated sandwich of glass-aluminium composite panels, which when put together and powered-up give a unique 3D image.  Launching this year, the applications range from simple wall hangings through dividing panels for rooms, and modern bars.

theANEMIX lighting panel

theANEMIX [via Geekologie]

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