Breast powered gadgets could be possible

Abby McVay - Jun 25, 2008

Women that happen to be well endowed when it comes to bra size generally have plenty of well founded complaints. Large breasts cause back problems and for the athletic types they have on occasion had to resort to wearing two sports bras just to minimize bouncing.

Well now there is research going into finding out if the bouncing caused by those breasts could be used to power an iPod. Granted this won’t work for anyone that is a B cup or lower, but it would put the larger busts to use. Well give it an extra use besides when you decide to pull an Erin Brockovich and use cleavage to nab some much needed information.

It turns out that women that are a D-cup in a low support bra get up to 35 inches of bouncing during exercise. Whereas those in a B-cup in high support bra will barely move an inch.

[via geekologie]

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