Brando webcam-telescope review: disappointing

Honestly, some people just don't know their own strength.  Ellen over at The Gadgeteer acquired Brando's USB Webcam with Telescope (that looks surprisingly similar to the far more entertainingly-named Digital Cowboy from a few weeks ago) and set to work spying on the neighbours and peering long-lensed into trees.

Unfortunately the webcam, which Ellen says "feels like it's made from some kind of laminated paper," proceeded to break, its focus-ring spinning ineffectively like a drunken potter. 


Ellen also has no few good words to say about the software, the controls on the camera itself or the documentation.  As interesting as the idea is, and as cheap as they make it (just $26), you can't really recommend a product that breaks with casual use. 

Brando USB Webcam with Telescope [The Gadgeteer]