Brando USB multitouch trackpad/numberpad

Chris Davies - Aug 20, 2009

If you’re a Windows desktop user who has been jealously eyeing up the multitouch trackpads available on various Windows and Apple notebooks, or perhaps prefer to use your laptop with an external keyboard but miss the multi-finger functionality, then Brando’s latest product may be for you.  Their USB Multi-Touch Smart Pad does exactly what it says on the tin: recognize all the usual multi-finger gestures such as pinch-zoom and rotate.

It also, niftily, works as a numeric keypad, with the touchpad surface being split up into button zones.  Tap the function button and it switches between recognizing numbers and recognizing navigation gestures.

Unfortunately one of the biggest user groups we can imagine – MacBook and MacBook Pro owners who want to use their notebook with an external keyboard, but then miss the excellent multitouch trackpad – seemingly aren’t supported here.  This is a Windows XP and Vista product only, at least according to Brando.  It’s available now, priced at $40.

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