Brain-sensing Necomimi robo cat ears are furry-awesome [Video]

We've seen brainwave-sensing used for mind training games, the judicious application of comedy torture, and attempting to control the nearest robot: now the technology has reached its summit, with cosplay-style wiggling cat ears. The handiwork of Neurowear, the Necomimi straps a couple of motorized furry cat ears to a brainwave-monitoring headband, so that you can wiggle them appropriately.

When you're active and attentive, the ears perk up; when you're feeling tired and sluggish, they lie flat. Get enthusiastic – and, frankly, who wouldn't be permanently enthusiastic wearing a set of robotic cat ears? – and they wiggle and twitch. It's seemingly controlled by an Android app running a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

According to Neurowear, "Necomimi is the new communication tool that augments [a] human's body and ability" and is the first step in better communicating how we're feeling and reacting to the world beyond words and facial expressions. It's going to be very, very popular with furries.

[via BoingBoing]