Brain controlled kitty tail for humans is called Shippo

It seems there's no shortage of strange gadgets coming out of Japan. I guess we can thank the Pokémon craze for the rash of wearable faux animal parts for humans. In the past, we've seen some rather odd necomimi robotic cat ears that would move based on your mood.

Something that appears to be made to go along with those robotic cat ears has now surfaced called the Shippo brain controlled tail. The device is in concept stage right now, but seems to use the same technology as those cat ears. The tail is worn around the waist and is connected to a sensor that claims to sense the wearer's mood.

The tail interfaces with a smartphone app that lets users share their mood. The user can also use the app to search for places other Shippo users found relaxing. The video shows that the tail wags slowly when a user is relaxed and wags quickly when the user is excited.

The app also claims to be able to detect when the person is frightened. I wonder if one neural controller might be able to operate the robotic cat ears and the robotic tail. I still think these are some of the strangest gadgets I've seen in a long time.

[via NewLaunches]