Boxer email app updates with calendar integration for iOS, Android

Adam Westlake - Jul 28, 2015, 9:08 am CDT
Boxer email app updates with calendar integration for iOS, Android

Boxer, one of the better third-party email clients for iOS and Android, has upped its game in trying to take on Outlook and other productivity-filled apps. A set of updates available today for both platforms brings full-fledged calendar support, making event schedules and more just a tap away. Boxer has also taken a unique approach in adding this feature by playing to each platform’s strengths. The new calendar features are directly added to the existing iOS app, while on Android it’s launching as a separate app.

While this may seem strange, Boxer’s developer feel Android does a better job at allowing different apps to communicate back and forth, and so Boxer Calendar is born. It’s an interesting argument, but there’s still something to be said for having a calendar built into an email app with an efficient UI, as the iOS version offers.

Regardless of which platform you’re on, the new features allow you to quickly see when you’re free, and select times of availability to add to an email, like when to schedule a meeting for example. Likewise, invitations can be accepted or declined from the message, with events added to the calendar as needed.

iOS users also get contact management from within the app, but Boxer’s developers promise more email and calendar integration features are on the way for both platforms. The iOS app update is available now, while it’s $4.99 for new users. Both the email and calendar apps for Android are free, but require in-app purchases to unlock all features.

SOURCE App Store / Google Play (email, calendar)

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