Boxee gets FyreTV app

The Boxee set top box is a streaming device that is like the innocent cousin to the FyreTV box that is only for porn. If you are the sort that can't bring yourself to have to part with your hard-earned money for a set-top box purely for porn the new FyreTV app for the Boxee system might be just what you need. Apparently, the app will offer access to a huge amount of adult content.

The number of films on the FyreTV network is said to be in the 15,000 range from about 100 different adult studios. The FyreTV app will be offered on the Boxee store if adult apps are enabled. There is already an adult app category for Boxee users and videos directly from some adult studios have been offered previously.

Considering the FyreTV box required a rental at $9.95 monthly with some free VOD minutes offered I would bet there were few takers. The app on the other hand should do much better than the dedicated box. Parents worried about this app will need to block adult apps. It's not clear if the Boxee app is free or a paid download.

[via Gigaom]