FyreTV UnBoXXXing (SFW)

Steven Grady - May 15, 2009

This was an interesting assignment. SlashGear has received some FyreTV BoXXXes (Yes, three X’s) and absolutely must review them. Oh the terrible, terrible things this job makes me do. Explanation and video after the jump.

In case you are unaware of what a FyreTV is, you can visit the site (NOT SAFE FOR WORK!) or watch this handy unboxing video I have for you below and read the description. Now isn’t that something?

If you don’t fall into the former category and are indeed educated on the adult entertainment industries AppleTV like efforts, you’ll know that the FyreTV BoXXX is a handy television add-on that allows you to stream and download adult films and scenes to fit any, um, preference. The NEW version is WiFi enabled, taking care of the chief complaint for the previous version that adults don’t have televisions near their routers or ethernet ports. Not only do you get WiFi, but HDMI out as well for those of you who desire to see more detail in every scene, discovering new tattoos on your favorite adult video star perhaps. Sort your movies by star, category, studio and more to make the experience of using the FyreTV as satisfying as it can be. This is going to be one of the hard–most difficult jobs I’ve ever done, simply because keeping it PG is going to take some work, and there are so many euphemisms to avoid. But none the less I shall review the FyreTV soon, and have my impressions for you when I do.

[vms 40ce177cf70da146c8dc]

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