Boxee Box Gets Teardown Treatment

The Boxee Box by D-Link is shipping, and it's played right into iFixit's destructive hands. Inside it's an admirable mixture of easily-unscrewed components and a vast heatsink keeping Intel's Atom CE4110 SoC cool.

Interestingly – though unsurprisingly – several of the components are shared between the Boxee Box and Logitech's Revue Google TV STB. That includes the RF wireless chips for the nifty Boxee remote (which has a D-pad on one side and a compact QWERTY keyboard on the other); we're hoping that means someone with a mind for hacking can figure out a way to get the Boxee remote working with the Revue.

In fact the only thing that comes in for criticism is the big lime green rubber base plate, which is difficult to remove and then even harder to re-apply. More on the Boxee Box – and the company's impending deals with Hulu Plus and Netflix - here.