Box Notes Launches With Real-Time Document Collaboration In The Cloud

Cloud company Box has announced its new Box Notes service, a cloud-based document creation and collaboration tool that allows multiple users to join forces on projects. The service pits itself against certain other competitors, not the least of which is Google Docs, with the service being completely integrated into Box's platform.

On the company's website, it was said that the focus behind Box Notes is about people working together, something that it exemplifies with its profile picture feature that Box refers to as Note Heads. The "Note Heads" follow the user's cursor as they work their way on a document, making it easy to visualize who is where and doing what, as well as pinpointing any user's current location.

Box says this makes it easier for collaboration that extends beyond just the screen, as well, with user images making it easier to locate each other when on conference calls. Beyond that, there is the toolbar, which is inline and designed to stay out of the way except when needed. Because of this, it will appear with certain options following certain other actions, such as the highlighting of text.

And as mentioned, the service is built into Box, which makes it easier to share and collaborate with other users sans special permissions or extra actions. A folder can be set with certain collaborators, for example, to allow for all documents placed within it to automatically be shared with those users. And obviously, not all notes created with the service have to be shared.

Promised future features include the ability to create a "wider variety of documents," as well as improvements to the editor. Currently, Box Notes is in beta mode, so those who want to try it will need to sign up.

SOURCE: Box Notes