Bose Companion 5 speakers rise above the rest

Chris Davies - Nov 6, 2006

I’ve always liked those Bose speakers that look like little twisted-square robots, but the company makes more than just home entertainment lifestyle products – they do computer peripherals too.  Obviously they stick to what they’re good at, and by golly they’re good at designing lush speakers.  Latest off the drawing board and out the factory door are these, the Companion 5 speaker system – hooking up to your computer via USB, they offer the company’s clever TrueSpace 5.1 surround sound emulation from only two speakers plus an Acoustimass subwoofer. 

With stands to elevate the main speakers above the detritus cluttering your desk, as well as a remote volume control with both a headphone jack and a secondary input, the Companion 5 system will be available this month for £300 ($570).

Bose [via Pocket-lint]

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