Bose Bluetooth Headset offers hyperbole galore for $150

Chris Davies - Oct 19, 2010, 3:53am CDT
Bose Bluetooth Headset offers hyperbole galore for $150

Bose has unveiled its first single-ear Bluetooth headset, and while the name might be uninspired – it’s simply called the Bose Bluetooth headset – the functionality does at least promise some marvels.  According to Bose, the headset is packed full with their Bose TriPort acoustic headphone structure, that works in tandem with Adaptive Audio Adjustment technology to automatically adjust background noise cancellation depending on the ambient environment.

To be fair, that’s what a lot of other Bluetooth headset manufacturers have been doing over the past couple of years, but Bose reckons their system is even better at it; “unrivaled in the vast marketplace of Bluetooth mobile headsets,” in fact.  The magic is in the proprietary microphone housing, which apparently makes it easier for the headset to differentiate between speech and everything else.

Soft silicone ear-buds, a sliding power switch and straightforward buttons – together with LEDs that face inwards so your ear doesn’t look like a Christmas tree – round out the package.  As you’d expect given the Bose name, the price is neither shy nor retiring; the headset will land in late November, priced at $149.95.

[via Engadget]

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