Borders eBooks app for iPad released

Borders' eBooks app 2.0 for the iPad has just been released, bringing yet another big-name retailer into the Apple ecosystem.  Available through the US App Store [iTunes link] though not, at present, internationally, the software allows iPad users to login to their existing Borders account, re-download any previously purchased titles, and buy a new ebook directly from the Apple tablet.

The app joins iPad ereader software from Barnes & Noble, Amazon and of course Apple's own iBooks, all of which offer an on-demand download service.  Unlike the others, however, Borders' eBooks app doesn't appear to sync automatically – such as updating to the last page you read on any device – across their other platforms; the company already sells various dedicated ereaders, including the Kobo eReader, the Aluratek Libre and several Sony Reader models.

As well as support for the iPad, the Borders app will also run on your iPhone and you'll be able to re-download titles to both devices.  It's a free download and available now.

[via iPad Apps That Don't Suck]