Boom Supersonic XB-1 supersonic aircraft is a world's first

As Boom Supersonic continues efforts to build the world's fastest airliner, they've revealed a sort of proof-of-concept. The Boom Supersonic XB-1 is a "supersonic demonstrator" aircraft. It's also the first independently developed supersonic jet ever made. Boom CEO and founder Blake Scholl reminded us that the company remains steadfast in their aim of "making the world dramatically more accessible."

With the XB-1, Boom Supersonic made a very public and visible showing of their progress toward developing their first commercial airliner Overture. The Overture can be seen in greater detail on the Boom Supersonic homepage – that's not quite as ready to roll as the XB-1 is right this minute.

This craft was made for speed. The fuselage was designed for "high-speed aerodynamic efficiency" above all else. The plane includes a carbon-composite airframe that's able to withstand extreme stress and temperature. Powering this jet is a set of three General Electric J85-15 engines that are capable of 12,000 pounds of thrust.

Above you'll see a pre-recorded live-broadcasted Boom Supersonic XB-1 video reveal. This video shows all the basics about the XB-1, what it's meant to do, and includes feedback and details from several test pilots and engineers involved with the project.

The second video shows the 1-minute full introduction to the XB-1 craft. Do not watch this video if you're prone to seizures – it includes ENTIRELY too many flashing lights for its own good.

The third video shows the XB-1 up close and personal. This video is far less about the bright flashing lights, and more about the details you'll likely want to see in as high-definition as they'll allow.

Now we wait to spot this piece of the future flying overhead. As the final video in this article shows, they're gearing up for test flights. Stick around as we continue to follow Boom Supersonic to the fastest commercial airliner ever built – sooner than later!