BOND 24 brings Daniel Craig back in October of 2015

In a bit of an unexpected jump on the film release season this year, BOND 24 has been announced – this the newest 007 film set for November of 2015 (or October if you live in the UK). This film will be rolling out with John Logan as screenplay writer and Sam Mendes returning as director of the film. And of course Daniel Craig is still Bond – James Bond.

This film appears to be taking on the hero title scheme accepted by so many high-powered media and device creators over the past year, bringing on note of which film this is, and that's it. While The World may still be Not Enough, this agent-filled film will simply be known as its number.

You'll also note that the first image sent out in support of this film continues the use of the modern-day 007 logo, complete with the pistol grip. This logo has been in use throughout the new millennium and signals the continuation of aims with the studio, actors, et all. The release of this film also follows suit.

Expect BOND 24 to be appearing in 2015 on the 23rd of October inside the UK. Meanwhile residents of the USA will have to sit and cry until the 6th of November. James Bond being a through-and-through British establishment, we'd expect nothing less.

Also note that this news was hereby splattered on the screen by the infamous @007 twitter account, a rare oddity in the Twitter world made for the one true Bond. That means it's official.