Boeing Airplanes set to allow cell phone use in 2013

We've all been on a plane and heard the same spiel over and over again. Please turn off any and all electronic devices, MP3 players, iPods, laptops, and set all iPhone, iPad, and devices to airplane mode — get ready for takeoff. Today however the folks from Boeing have shared their plans to allow cell phone use on their top-tier Dreamliner airplanes as soon as 2013.

Passengers aboard Boeing's 747-8, massive 787 Dreamliner, and 777's will soon be able to use their cell phones according to the company and CNET. Back in July when Boeing unveiled their new 787 Dreamliner they were showing off their Android-based entertainment systems on board — but apparently that wasn't the only Android and smartphone usage they had in mind.

Here in the US however, the FAA has a ban in place that probably will never allow for such activity. So the uses for this new technology and improvements isn't really known at this point. Whether other countries and officials will allow the use of cell phones is an entirely different situation. Yes we have on-flight WiFi, but making calls is another level.

Along with cell phone use, WiFi as usual, and more, Boeing also states they'll have actual live TV, and even wireless media streaming by sometime in 2014. If you need to have a video conference while sky high — Boeing will have you covered. Many still think smartphone usage on planes is no big deal and of no security concern, just ask Alec Baldwin.

[via AndroidCommunity]