Boeing 787 experiences A/C issues: a sign of more problems to come?

Just after resolving the huge fiasco with the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the plane seems to be experiencing another issue. Japanese airline Nippon Airlines has reported that one of its 787s had issues with the plane's power supply, noting that a warning message popped up in the cockpit alerting pilots that the power supply was feeding power to the air conditioning in the plane.

Of course, it's too early to draw conclusions just yet, seeing as this could simply be a traditional failure that happens from time to time in aircrafts, but it certainly comes at a bad time for the new Dreamliner, seeing as how the Boeing and the FAA just recently resolved a huge issue with the on-board lithium ion batteries in all of the 787 planes.

Over 100 passengers were set to take off in the 787 from Tokyo, Japan to Frankfurt, Germany, but they had to get on a different plane due to the 787's A/C issues, and the flight was delayed for nearly eight hours. Nippon fixed the problem by exchanging computer components that are responsible for controlling the electricity supply to the air-conditioning system in the plan.

While the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is all fixed up from the battery issue earlier this year, the FAA, Boeing, and numerous airlines who own these new planes are keeping a close eye on the 787s for any other problems that come up — battery-related or not, but officials are keeping a close eye on the redesigned battery to make sure it holds up properly.

Furthermore, two United Airlines Dreamliners last week were diverted due to separate oil-related problems. Issues like these can be common for other planes, but seeing as how the 787 was just granted permission to fly again after a mass grounding, the new aircraft doesn't need anymore problems than what it has already experienced.

SOURCE: Reuters