Bluewire records phone conversations with Bluetooth

Imagine you're speaking on the phone several times a day and want to make certain you've got every conversation recorded for posterity. Do you hit the "record" button on your smartphone every time you make a call? Or do you rely on a 3rd-party device to hold up to your phone to record what's being said? There's a device by the name of Bluewire appearing this year that's able to record both sides of your conversation via a wireless Bluetooth connection to your smartphone, and it's being crowd-funded right this minute.

This device is able to record smartphone and VOIP calls with a button tap. You'll be able to record both ends of the conversation and have sound files stored locally. Bluewire comes in the form of a Bluetooth headset, so you're able to use it as your standard go-anywhere talk system, but it's also able to pair to your phone separately.

Bluewire records any conversation that's passing through your phone.

This device uses Qi-standard wireless charging and comes with a charging pad with its standard package. You're able to connect to your device with NFC (also built in to the headset), and keep data inside with built-in 16GB of storage.

Inside Bluewire are also several other oddities, like a built-in flashlight, accelerometer, and a Blueguard motion trigger alarm.

In the gallery above you'll also see the device attached to a dog collar – you can use this device as a walkie talkie, as well.

There's a free Bluewire app that's able to connect with your Bluewire device, and sound files recorded to the headset can be sent to your phone easily – again, using NFC for pairing.

This machine is being released with the IndieGogo campaign it's being crowd funded by with a Bluewire Special Edition package that'll cost you $295 USD – that includes a special "Ivory" color Bluewire earpiece with 32GB of internal storage, a Qi-standard wireless charging pad, and a battery pack.