Bluetooth Watch brings Caller ID to your wrist

Chris Davies - Sep 28, 2006

You know the scene – dull team meeting, boss spouting management speak for “work harder, you lazy fools, else it’s the chop for your worthless hides”, cellphone silently vibrating in your pocket.  You’re desperate to get it out so you can see who’s calling (it might be the cute barmaid from your liquid lunch) but that would really push you to the front of the corporate gangplank.  So you suffer through, squirming in ignorance until the end of the meeting.

Sony Ericsson have sensed your pain, my friend – hell, they’ve been through it themselves.  They know that you need a way to check Caller ID without making a wassock of yourself in front of your colleagues, and they’ve decided to do it via your watch.  You remember, watches, the thing you wore on your wrist before you realised it was easier to check the time on your phone?  Anyway, a discrete display on this Bluetooth enabled watch shows who is calling and – should you be drowning out the motivational pep-talk with some sneaky tunes – it has music transport buttons on the side to control your cellphone’s mp3 player.

$399 to you, sir, in a choice of silver or black.  The corporate ladder calls.

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Watch [Gizmodo]

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