Bluetooth Umbrella concept with touchscreen hands-free & radio

If you've ever tried juggling your cellphone while holding an umbrella, you'll know that you're more likely to stab yourself in the eye than successfully take a call.  Still, Mikhail Stawsky's Bluetooth Umbrella concept still looks pretty sweet; as well as doing the usual duties of keeping your head dry, the handle also contains a variety of Bluetooth hands-free gubbins.

That means you can answer a call and talk into the handle, hopefully as a short-range speakerphone rather than needing to press it up against your head.  A touchscreen display offers the usual answer/divert and volume options, letting you leave your phone in your bag.

According to the concept, the umbrella also doubles as a radio so you can be serenaded even if you've no friends to call.  Sadly no plans for production, however.