Bluetooth Spy Headset makes you look properly crazy [Video]

Bluetooth headsets are generally dull, but slap a "spy!" label on them and they become instantly appealing.  Well, maybe not instantly, but when you're looking at a headset that fits invisibly into your ear canal then we're pretty darned impressed; BrickHouseSecurity are offering the covert earpiece, which promises to make you look even crazier as you apparently argue with yourself while walking down the road.Video demo after the cut

To be fair, the earpiece itself isn't the whole of the story.  That's just the speaker section; there's a variety of electronics that need to be strung about your body if you want the whole system to work.  A mini microphone is one part, then there's an SOS button which can be slotted into a shoe or glove, together with a Bluetooth controller board that hooks up with your phone.

Perhaps the most entertaining part is how you remove the earpiece, with the kit including a high-powered magnet that basically sucks it out of your ear canal.  We're a little cautious about sticking anything deep into our ears – mom always said never put anything bigger than your elbow in there, or indeed anything bigger than your head into your mouth – but if we had $199 to spend then we might make an exception this time.

[via The Raw Feed]