Bluetooth Retro Headset For Under Forty Bucks

Since I'm not sure when ThinkGeek added this Bluetooth-enabled retro cellphone handset to their catalogue, I'm going to give their "Oh, and speaking of nothing, there's nothing out there quite like this handset because this product is a ThinkGeek original design, only available here" quote the benefit of the doubt; style aficionados Hulger have had several Bluetooth versions of their handsets available for some time now.  Still, they're worth featuring as, at $39.99, they're considerably cheaper than the British company's models.

You get exactly what it says on the tin: an old-fashioned handset that connects to your mobile via Bluetooth, so that you can confuse and upset the elderly and possibly make some sort of abstract, post-ironic statement.  I actually bought a cheap Bluetooth headset earlier on this year, intending to find something odd to put it inside, but I haven't got round to it yet.  Perhaps I'll build a scale model of Lieutenant Uhura from Star Trek and wear her in my ear.

ThinkGeek [via The Red Ferret Journal]