BlueAnt offers free A2DP firmware update for Q1 headset

Shane McGlaun - Dec 2, 2009
BlueAnt offers free A2DP firmware update for Q1 headset

One of the best things that a company can do to make customers happy is to add new features to the products that we own via firmware updates. To really make us happy those firmware updates should be free. BlueAnt has made us really happy with a new firmware update for its slick Q1 Bluetooth headset.

The new firmware update is version 8.19 and it is available for download now via this link at no charge. The Q1 had all sorts of features before and performs well, but it lacked the ability to stream audio from A2DP capable handsets, which the new firmware adds. You might be thinking what’s the point of this when you can’t listen in stereo with a mono headset like the Q1.

Well, the big deal is easily noticed by those that use mobile devices like the iPhone for navigation. The speakerphone built into the iPhone lacks the volume to make spoken directions heard in many vehicles. The ability to stream A2DP to the Q1 means that you can hear these spoken directions on your headset. In addition, you can listen to tunes if you can handle mono sound.

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