Blue Icepop microphone for Logitech and Astro headsets launches

There are many brands when it comes to microphones for use with your computer for audio recording. One of the more popular brands is called Blue, and the company has made USB microphones for computer users for many years. Blue now has a new microphone designed to connect to premium headsets from Logitech and Astro called the Blue Icepop.The microphone is designed specifically for the Logitech G Pro and Astro A40 TR headsets. Icepop promises to improve the quality of captured audio on both headsets for gamers and streamers seeking the best quality possible. Blue says the Icepop is the first headset microphone designed to bring its signature sound quality to a plug-and-play mic boom attachment.

The microphone uses a studio-grade 10mm condenser mic promising rich and clear sound quality. In addition, the microphone has an integrated pop filter and voice-focused cardioid pickup pattern. The design helps eliminate unwanted background noise and helps reduce harshness on spoken letters such as "P" and "B." Icepop connects to both headsets using the built-in 3.5 millimeters connector, eliminating any additional cables.

Both headsets come from the factory with removable microphones. Installation is as easy as unplugging the original microphone and plugging the new one in. In addition, gamers who play using the Logitech G Pro headsets can customize sound using Blue VO!CE available on the GHUB Gaming Software.

The software offers a suite of broadcast vocal tools and effects to make streaming and recording professional-level sound easier. The software provides real-time voice filters reducing noise while making the voice richer and clearer. A number of presets are available on the GHUB. Blue Icepop for Astro A40 TR and the Icepop for Logitech G Pro headsets are available for $49.99.