Blu-ray founders proposed cheaper Blu-ray royalties and simplified licensing process

Back in October Macbook event, Steve Job expressed his view on Blu-ray's gimmick as a "bag of hunt", its licensing were too complex and the company hinted to wait on prices to fall further before entering the market. Job was right about the complication; and today, the founders of Blu-ray have revealed plan to unify the Blu-ray standard licensing, which would result in much simplified registering process and lower Blu-ray products cost, by as much as 40 percent less.

Panasonic, Philips, and Sony are currently working together to propose a one-stop-shop licensing company to handle all Blu-ray related products from the player, burner, media to the movie, as well as covering media from CDs and DVDs, according to report from

Under the new royalties, right to manufacture a Blu-ray player is $9.50, and $14 for a Blu-ray Disc recorder. The license fees for software will be 11 cents for a read-only disc, 12 cents for a recordable disc and 15 cents for a rewritable disc.

As a result of the new standard, vendors should expect 40 percent less accumulative cost of royalty payments, and less headache dealing with multiple media registering. If Job meant what he said, it wouldn't be long before we'll get to see a factory-fresh MAC with a built-in Blu-ray Super Multi drive.