BLU goes silent

This week the folks at BLU Products aren't having a great time dealing with a rather large mishap. They've released a software update for a phone which, in turn, locked up and/or destroyed all information within. That was just the beginning of this nightmare – not only for the company, but for the hundreds or thousands of users who owned that one phone.

Users found this week that BLU didn't have a contingency plan in place for a situation like the one they're in now. Sending out a software update that bricks the target phone isn't something every smartphone company is used to doing. But it's not the worst thing in the world – not if the company is ready to apologize and make a public statement on the matter as soon as they're made aware.

But that's not what BLU did. Instead, they replied to a couple of Facebook comments on the matter. They then went ahead with posting social media advertisements for their BLU product placement with their sponsored soccer team. Over 48 hours after the software update's effect became widely known, BLU still hasn't made any sort of public statement.

Since we posted our first report on this situation, BLU's gone silent. It would SEEM that they're still responding to their help-line, but the answers they're providing are canned and vague. What we're waiting for is something akin to what Apple provided when their most recent software snafu popped up: prompt service.

Instead, BLU's providing themselves a one-way ticket to the smartphone seller history books. Again I say, Blu is really bad at this – to the point where it makes sense to point to them as a model for what a smartphone company should NOT do in a crisis.

Stick around as we continue to attempt to get a statement from BLU beyond their social media commentary two-liner.