Bloxels: you are the digital dungeon master

Designers create a game in which physical game boards are used to construct digital arenas. This is Bloxels. You are the creator, the constructor, the digital DM in the physical realm with a collection of blocks. Once you've constructed an arena, you capture it with a tablet – an iPad in all the demos. Inside the tablet you'll customize how your arena looks and acts. Once you've designed everything, your arena comes to life. You can play in this arena yourself or challenge a friend to beat it. You can also combine boards to make a massive environment.

First thing here – below this paragraph – you'll see the basic creation process. While there are game-making apps out there already, none work with the physical element Bloxels does. This game creation feature makes the entire process much more tactile – a piece of the puzzle that's severely important to many creative minds.

Next you'll see some gameplay mockup action. This entire project is just a Kickstarter for now, but it'll look something like this when it comes to the tablet, prepared for mighty magical gaming.

The physical bit is a plastic board and plastic cubes, all put together by hand.

There's also a wood edition coming – depending on funding, of course.

Like many non-awesome board games on the market today, this game is available through KickStarter with a pledge of $40 cash. As it is with all crowdfunded projects, this cash does not buy you a game board instantaneously, but does promise you your product if the project is fully funded.

Have a peek, and let us know if you're in to any other similar board games / digital mix-ups!