Blockbuster offers games by mail

Blockbuster has been unable to make a dent in the popularity of mail order rental services like Netflix and has yet to really mount a successful play in the kiosk rental area against Redbox. The failure for the rental chain to compete in the new markets for video rentals has seen the once powerful rental chain close up in many areas and landed the company on deathwatch lists.

Blockbuster may not have had success in mail order movies so far, but someone inside the rental giant's corporate works thinks that it can compete in the mail order game rental field. Blockbuster has announced that it is now offering access to over 3,000 titles for the Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3, PS3, and Wii via its mail subscription service. The titles include both new and classic games.

The company claims that it is now the only company to offer mail order TV shows, movies, and games. A membership to the game rental service is included with a membership to the mail order rental service for movies at as low as $8.99 monthly. Game rentals for the same price is something Netflix doesn't offer, maybe this will help Blockbuster.