Blockbuster brand to disappear in 2011?

For many years, Blockbuster has been the source that many gamers and movie fans went to for rentals on films and video games. As the internet grew in popularity, many movie fans changed to other delivery methods like Netflix and eventually streaming rentals.

Today Blockbuster is a shadow of what it was years ago. In its heyday, Blockbuster had six locations in my town of under 100,000 people and today there is not one single location left operating. Redbox and Netflix have all but killed Blockbuster.

One analyst believes that as early as next year we could see the end of Blockbuster altogether. Analyst Douglas A. McIntyre form 24/7 Wall St. has pegged Blockbuster as one of the ten national brands he expects to go under in 2011. Blockbuster is also reportedly mulling over a Chapter 11 filing to eliminate debt.

via Neatorama