Blockbuster Attempts Neftlix Customer Thievery in Wake of Price Hikes

If you're not aware that Netflix is raising their prices in all sects, you're not a Netflix customer. On the other hand, you'd have to not be Netflix customer to give a hoot what Blockbuster was doing with their video plans. But that's just the plan Blockbuster has, to scoop up the Netflix customers who've recently left the movie rental group because of the rising prices they've recently revealed. What Blockbuster has here is a 30-day free trial of their normally $9.99 to $14.99 per month service known as Blockbuster Total Access.

What's going on here is that, in the wake of Netflix raising their prices [like so], and you've just got to wonder – did they follow Don Reisinger's advice? It's the best possible idea, when you think about it, taking advantage of the massive group of people who may, with no other alternative realistically in sight, just start paying more for the same service they were already paying for in Netflix. But lo! Let us take a look at this deal.

The deals you're about to see competing are thus: Blockbuster Total Advantage will run you $9.99 for the single-disk deal per month. This includes in-store exchanges, games for Xbox PS3, and Wii, Blu-Ray disks, and all new releases are available to you immediately. Netflix, starting on the first of September, will have a similar $9.99 deal, this one with no in-store exchanges (because it's through the mail instead,) no video games, Blu-Ray disks, and an up to 28 day release delay for some movies from multiple studios.

And the deal, again, is that Blockbuster is offering this service for free for a month to folks who can prove they're coming straight from Netflix. Hotness!

Now my question for you is thus: do you even have a Blockbuster around where you live? All the Blockbusters closed here in Minneapolis, never to be seen again. Good luck to you!