Blobo squeezy wireless controller passes FCC [Video]

We're not entirely sure that the PC gaming world has been crying out for a squeezable controller that looks like the scooped-out eyeball of some sort of lizard, but that doesn't mean there isn't a company looking to fill that unidentified niche.  The Blobo hooks up via Bluetooth and then responds to squeezing, moving and general fondling; the lucky guys at the FCC have already been playing with it.Video demo after the tuc

Blobo looks to be accompanied by six sports-themed games, which – judging by the painfully awful advert, which you can see below – generally involve hopping about and jogging on the spot.  We're not sure where Blobo's supposed magnetic field sensors come in, and frankly we're a little scared to ask.

The controller is already available in Europe – priced at €54.90 – and it now looks like a US launch is imminent.  As well as the included six PC games, there's a new BloboPool game for S60 phones available to buy.

[via Engadget]