Blizzard finally reveals Sombra, Overwatch's latest hero

It's been a long time coming, but Blizzard has finally revealed Sombra, who now takes her place as Overwatch's newest character. The long-teased character was revealed today during the first day of BlizzCon 2016. Many suspected the reveal was coming, but it seems like many more were hoping this announcement would happen place sooner.

That's because the lead-up to this reveal took place over many months, with an augmented-reality game that challenged fans to play the role of gumshoe and uncover clues about Sombra. Those fans played the role well, unearthing many clues that ultimately never led to a reveal, which ended up being frustrating in the end.

Still, that's all in the past and Sombra is finally, finally here. Blizzard shared a character trailer for her during the announcement, which you can see below. The company has also detailed her abilities, classifying her as an offense character with a three-star difficulty rating (the highest rating on Blizzard's scale for you non-Overwatch folks).

Sombra's abilities seem interesting, to say the least. Her main weapon will be a machine pistol, while her Hack ability allows her to prevent opponents from using their own abilities for a short period of time. Sombra can also hack health packs that are on the map, making them useless to the opposing team.

Thermoptic Camo allows Sombra to turn invisible and increase her speed, but the effect is interrupted once she attacks, takes damage, or uses her abilities. She can also lay down a Translocator anywhere on the map, which she can teleport back to as long as it remains active. Finally, her EMP ultimate ability will disable shields and barriers while at the same time hacking any players caught in the area of effect.

So, it seems like she has an ability lineup that can be quite powerful. Having her ultimate disable shields and barriers could prove to be very effective on offense, while hacking things like health kits adds some intriguing possibilities to the game. She'll be up on Overwatch's public test realm next week, with a full release coming shortly afterward.