Blind Camera Test: Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 vs LG G4 in low light

Today we're conducting a test which will decide the finest of three of the best-rated smartphone cameras on the market today. We're testing the Apple iPhone 6, the Samsung Galaxy S6, and the LG G4. Today's test will be a blind test, with each photo cropped to the same pre portions as the others in each individual test. Each camera has been set to Auto mode and HDR has been turned off. While the angles at which these photos have been taken are not exact, they're very, very close.

The subject matter here is light. We're photographing LEGO bricks because they offer a unique combination of hard angles on 3D shapes and flat printing with sharp lines. To make this comparison as fair as possible, we've picked the best of three photos for each image, and focus has been set in the same place for each image.

If you'd like SlashGear to take additional photos in any other unique environment with odd lighting, by all means, speak up!

Each image in each primary gallery may not necessarily match up with its "cropped" counterpart. This is to ensure that each individual set is treated fairly in each unique test. Each gallery is randomized, each name corresponds with a vote.

In the end, all votes will be counted and the names of the phones that took each photo will be revealed.

NOTE: Click or tap each photo to enter each gallery as they're not always ordered A, B, C – and we wouldn't want you voting based on thumbnails anyway.

Yellow Light

The first image you're seeing here was lit by a relatively dim incandescent bulb in a closet. This image – like the others – was captured at less than a half-foot (less than 152mm) from the subject matter.

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Next you'll see a cropped version of each of the photos, not necessarily in the same order.

Red Light

The second set of photos is taken in the dark with one red LED in full effect. Here we're up close and personal with Darth Vader without his helmet on, mostly in black with a light white face with black features.

Again we're getting in close with a cropped photo set with this Red segment.

Green Light

Again we're using an LED here, this time in green. The subject matter here is ever-so-slightly more colorful here, but again, we're working with one light, all blasting green.

Up close with the green here shows us how well the focus range works on these three cameras. The "lightning" accessories this Emperor LEGO Minifigure holds extend toward the camera's lens, and are in varying degrees of focus depending on the camera's choices.

White Light

Finally we're dealing with white LED light from overhead. This Luke Skywalker Minifigure has some uneven, bumpy surface for hair, giving us a closer view of how well each camera handles tiny gradients of color.

Up close the difference in the way each camera handles light should become readily apparent.


Results will be posted early next week here on SlashGear, available through this article. We've limited each voting segment to one vote per person – if you find a way around the limit, good on you, but please be kind and vote just once.

UPDATE: The LG G4 has won this competition – by a wide margin. Have a peek at the full results now.Stick around SlashGear for additional blind tests like these in the near future.

This research was inspired by the work of Nick T and the Photo Arena crew in their most recent blind test of the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 in several medium-range photographs.