LG G4 Wins Blind Camera Test vs iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 in low light

This past week we ran a Blind Camera Test between the LG G4, the Samsung Galaxy S6, and the iPhone 6 with a number of photos taken in low-lighting environments. We placed photos taken by each smartphone next to one another without the names of their devices attached and asked you, the readers, to vote on which photos looked best. Not which photos looked most color-correct, not which photos were sharpest – though those could have been your criteria if you'd wanted. This was a test of objective desires.

As it turns out, you decided the LG G4 was your favorite – by quite a margin. While this does not necessarily mean the LG G4 has the best camera in all situations, it strongly suggests that it's the best of these three devices in the dark.

Yellow Light

The first photos in this set were taken under yellow lighting with an incandescent bulb. Here you'll see the LG G4 winning by more votes than the other two options combined. The iPhone also takes a solid second here with the Galaxy S6 over 400 votes ahead.

Cropped – as with all the other cropped sets – shows the same three photos, but each cropped down to a single super-focused point. The results here show how much closer the results appear to one another when we get up close and personal with the subject matter.

Red Light

Under a Red LED light, things get complicated. Some cameras wouldn't know where to begin. Here because we've got three high-end machines, we get at least OK results from the lot of them. Voting here came down to being able to see Darth Vader's facial features clearly.

And if you thought the black printing on white LEGO was important in full frame, that goes double for this cropped view.

Green Light

This vote was the most difficult for most voters. Green light in the dark is captured by these three phone's cameras in a very, very similar manner. It's difficult to tell the results apart – to a point.

Up close, too, doesn't make much of a difference for these devices – as evidenced by the jumble of winners and losers that's happened between the first green test and the second.

White Light

White light, the most standard of tests we've run in this set, shows the significant differences in camera hardware here. You'll get any variety of dim and saturated – voters very clearly chose the one that's most visually appealing.

Once again with the cropped images, it becomes quite apparent the differences between camera arrays here with plain white LED light on Luke Skywalker's head.

Final Results

It's fairly clear here which device is the winner – the LG G4. It's also quite apparent which device took a high enough place each test to earn second place – the Samsung Galaxy S6. Solidly in third place is the iPhone 6.

Now that you know which photo was taken by which device (as seen in each gallery above), do you find yourself voting differently from what you voted blind?

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Now that you've seen the order in which we've rated these three smartphones' cameras in the dark, are you leaning more towards one device than the other two?

After seeing these results, which device would you choose on the spot, right this minute?

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Let us know which camera tests or blind camera tests you'd like us to run in the future, otherwise stay tuned for more – more's on the way!