Blendie 2000 from students at MIT

Blenders haven't changed a lot over the years, they blend. Its pretty basic and leaves little room for a huge change or revolution. However, MIT students have created the Blendie 2000 and have managed to completely change the way I look at a blender. The video included is the most hilarious thing I've seen that involves a blender.

The blender is voice activated, by voice activated I don't mean you say things like "blend high" or "blend low". You have to learn to speak the same language as your blender.

Make a low growl and the blender will blend at a low speed, make a high pitched growl and it will speed up. The girl in the video has to be the coolest chick ever, mostly to agree to go on video and growl at a blender.

VIDEO: MIT Students Develop Voice-Controlled Blender, Great for Making Smoothies [via techeblog]