Blender 3D tool now supported by Apple

If you had any doubt of the long-term value of learning how to sculpt in 3D with Blender, doubt no more. The Blender Foundation just announced that Apple joined their Blender Development Fund as "a Patron Member" to support development of the software for the foreseeable future. This is GOOD news for Blender, no matter how you slice it.

An announcement today made by The Blender Foundation revealed that Apple will also be providing engineering expertise "and additional resources" to the Blender HQ and development community. These resources will be made available to "help support Blender artists and developers.

The Blender Development Fund's donation notes suggest that donated funds are made to "support activities to provide free and open accessible services for all Blender contributors." Activities supported include onboarding, technical documentation, code reviews, and bug fixing.

At this time, iterations of Blender are available to download free for Windows, macOS, and Linux. This software can be downloaded from the official Blender website or Steam. Anyone can drop in on the Blender website to download the Blender source code on its own or the Blender source code with all its associated libraries.

Blender can also be downloaded for Windows from the official Microsoft Store, and for Linux through the Snap Store. It would not be shocking to find an official build of Blender available for macOS on the official Mac App Store in the near future. The software is currently available for download in both Intel and Apple Silicon iterations from the Blender website – but it's not in the Mac App Store yet!

Other companies that've contributed the Blender Development Fund as patrons include NVIDIA, Facebook, Amazon AWS, AMD, and Epic. "Corporate Gold" contributors include Microsoft, Intel, and Abobe, Corporate Silver contributors include CoreWeave, Activision, and Google – among plenty of others.