BLAZE Wireless Controller Keypad for PS3

Chris Davies - Apr 29, 2009
BLAZE Wireless Controller Keypad for PS3

BLAZE have announced their latest PS3 accessory, a Wireless Controller Keypad that promises to be a low-cost alternative to the official Sony attachment.  Clipping to the PS3 controller without obscuring any of the buttons or sticks, the BLAZE ‘board has full QWERTY together with function keys.

What it lacks is the Sony peripheral’s mouse-mode, in which the surface of the keyboard can be toggled to act as a wireless trackpad.  It also has no obvious shortcuts to messaging or text chat.

The BLAZE Wireless Controller Keypad for the PS3 will be available in the UK priced at £14.99 ($22) come May.  Considering the official Sony clip-on keyboard for the console has a UK MRSP of £24.99 ($37), that’s not a bad saving for basically the same functionality.

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