Blackphone smartphone wants to put privacy and control in the user's hands

Many people feel that if a nefarious user wanted to get at the data inside their phone, with enough time and resources they probably could. Privacy is a big concern for many smartphone users around the world as more and more personal data is stored inside. A new joint venture between Silent Circle and Geeksphone has been announced called Blackphone.

Blackphone is a smartphone that runs a security-oriented version of the Android operating system called PrivatOS. The operating system is carrier and vendor independent. The promise of the operating system is to allow individual users and organizations make and receive secure phone calls.

The Blackphone smartphone also supports secure texting, secure file transport and storage, and secure video chat. The phone will be officially unveiled at MWC 2014 kicking off in February.

Blackphone does have a website where people interested in the smartphone can sign up to be kept up to date with the Blackphone and goings on at the company. Hard details on the smartphone are unavailable at this time.

SOURCE: Blackphone