Blackphone Is Working On A Secure Tablet

The world has turned its attention towards the issue of privacy in the digital age, particularly one where the government is known to spy on data through all sorts of insidious and legally dubious means. That reality has prompted many different products tailored towards keeping private data away from prying eyes: encrypted messaging platforms, locked down email services, and, of course, the Blackphone. The folks behind the latter device have revealed to CNBC that a tablet is now in the works.

For those unfamiliar, Blackphone is a smartphone running PrivatOS, a version of Android tailored towards those concerned about their digital privacy. The phone is packed full of security-minded offerings, and in exchange for the peace of mind comes a fairly significant price tag.

While the Blackphone covers your smartphone needs, there are times when a tablet is still the better choice, and that's where the company's latest project focuses. According to Silent Circle's Jon Callas, who revealed the information in a statement to CNBC, "We are in fact working on a tablet."

The tablet will be running the same OS as Blackphone, it was revealed, but no other details were forthcoming at this point. As with the Blackphone, the upcoming tablet will center around privacy and data security, keeping users' information safe is much the same way.