Blackbird Mercedes TRON Concept For Great Light Justice

This is a design straight out of the concept books of both Peter Vardai and Tamas Fodor, both of whome have brought to life this magnificent machine for the world to get their TRON on in. It seems like this TRON fad has become a movement as the movie itself is leaving theaters yet concepts keep popping up. The goal of the designer of this project (Vardai) was to both reinforce the emotions people feel toward the Mercedes brand and bring their eyes up and out forward toward the future. Light strips on black sides will do that!

The shape of this vehicle, Vardai says, is based on the aerodynamics of an airplane, a streamlined set of sides for a smooth ride all the time. Black and silver are strewn throughout (though you can only see the black and the lights above) and lights, although the designer doesn't mention them in his outline, are taken straight out of the newest installment in the Tron series: Legacy. Behold!

[Via Yanko Design]