BlackBerry Z10 all-touch smartphone gets close-up video rundown

Chris Burns - Jan 15, 2013
BlackBerry Z10 all-touch smartphone gets close-up video rundown

This month we’re ramping up to the big drop of BlackBerry 10, and along the way we’re getting pumped up with leaked video after leaked photo, one after the other, today’s offering being a full hands-on look at the smartphone known as the Z10. This device is a full touch BlackBerry 10-toting device, it making use of a lovely 4.3-inch display up front and a styling that’s able to be presented in black, white, or potentially a variety of other color casings.

What you’re seeing in the video isn’t a whole lot of new information if you’re familiar with the OS as we’ve seen it in leaks before, but for those of you new to the BlackBerry 10 leaking faucet, this will act as an OK briefing. The video shows off the BlackBerry Hub, for starters, as well as the clock. Both of these apps are native to the device and to BlackBerry 10, and will be showing up on essentially all BlackBerry 10 devices through the future.

The final version of the software will be presented later this month, but for now you’ll see what must be near-final versions of Task Manager, the pull-down menu abilities of the OS, and three base menu buttons. You’ll see a phone button, search button, and camera button at the bottom of the display much of the time the video plays, this giving you instant access to these most-used functions.

Pay special attention to the way the OS flows as well as how well the device is pushing the OS to the user. While we’re expecting a smoother experience at the end of this month, this presentation certainly doesn’t look half bad for a final OS/hardware combination. Stick with us through our BlackBerry 10 tag as well as right here in the main news feed on January 30th, 2013.

[via CrackBerry]

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