BlackBerry Storm teardown shows underpowered CPU

For some people, a BlackBerry Storm review isn't enough.  They want full, teardown detail of RIM's first touchscreen handset, and while we didn't have the heart to break open our review unit that hasn't stopped the aptly-titled phoneWreck from doing just that.  In doing so, some of the smartphone's more obvious frustrations are explained.

The occasionally sluggish performance comes down to RIM's choice of processor.  On the surprisingly small mainboard there's a Qualcomm MSM7600 CPU, which may be the latest from the company but lacks the grunt to keep up with what the Storm is offering.  The mechanics of the SurePress touchscreen – which is a clever idea but can get frustrating – are also laid bare, with a single button in the very center of the display.

It's that single button that makes presses on the periphery of the screen so tricky, a particular problem when you're trying to type with the Storm in landscape orientation.  More photos at the link above.

[via Hack-a-Day]