BlackBerry Storm firmware leaks for GSM & CDMA handsets

Yet more firmware leaks for the BlackBerry Storm, and it's looking like the only way to get a really stable, usable smartphone is to update it unofficially.  Version will play nicely with both the Verizon Storm 9500 and the Vodafone Storm 9530, and reportedly brings with it increased stability, faster screen transitions and a new, full keyboard in portrait view.

There's also talk of more free memory with the new firmware; one user observed their Storm jumping from 36MB free when running v4.7.0.75 to 47MB free in v4.7.0.90.  Camera functionality is also said to be quicker, as are screen rotations.

Remember, updating your phone with unofficial, leaked firmware can lead to a broken BlackBerry and a void warranty.  SlashGear doesn't recommend unofficial updates; we'd much prefer if RIM, Verizon and Vodafone themselves pulled their finger out and released them properly.

[via Engadget Mobile]