BlackBerry Storm 9530 down to $100

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Somehow putting up with the BlackBerry Storm's touchscreen foibles and periodic leaked firmware seems a whole lot more manageable when you've only paid $99.99 for it upfront.  Amazon US currently have RIM's first touchscreen smartphone listed for just $99.99, with no pesky rebate involved.

Obviously you need to take out a two-year Verizon service agreement in order to get that price, but it certainly beats Amazon's previous best figure of $149.99 after a $100 rebate.  Right now Verizon Wireless themselves are offering to BlackBerry Storm 9530 handsets for the price of one, though they're still asking $199.

We'd still call the Storm an acquired taste – its unique "clicking" touchscreen seems to polarize opinion, and we generally find ourselves with the negative charge – but it's undoubtedly a good multimedia handset.  If your BlackBerry use tends to be more video playback with a little messaging on the side, you could find a cheap bargain here.

[via Gear Diary]