BlackBerry Storm 2 piezo touchscreen tech detailed [Video]

One of the most eagerly anticipated elements of the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 2 is its new touchscreen, which is promised to address the disappointing display of its predecessor.  Details of the new panel have now been revealed, courtesy of a freshly-unearthed YouTube video; it apparently uses a piezo-electronic layer that can recognize touch-pressure at multiple simultaneous points rather than the single, central hardware button of the first-gen Storm.

The benefit is not just multiple points of touch recognition with the same tactile response as the first-gen Storm, but that it reacts quicker because the piezo system is electronic rather than physical.  There are also no dead-spots – such as the corners on the Storm, which were always tougher to press – and the display physically locks itself hard when shut-off and then softens when turned on.

Video after the cut

A sizable argument between the relative keyboard abilities of the iPhone and the Storm 2 is already underway, but we're going to remain standoffish until we have a chance to test them side-by-side ourselves.  Until then, we'll just be happy with another confirmation of WiFi in both the GSM and CDMA versions of the Storm 2.

[via Engadget Mobile]