BlackBerry PRIV Coming To T-Mobile - Here's Why You Want It

As of Tuesday, January 26, 2016, you'll be able to purchase a BlackBerry PRIV at T-Mobile USA. This device is different from every other device available at T-Mobile at the moment, and not only because it has a slide-out keyboard. This is BlackBerry's first device with Android, rolling with a decent camera and BlackBerry's own suite of unique apps, as well.

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This device is strangely attractive in its combination of BlackBerry-made software and BlackBerry-made hardware. It runs with Google's Android, true, but BlackBerry's take on Android really makes it their own, much like a Samsung Galaxy smartphone makes Android their own with Samsung apps and services.

Have a peek at the tiny gallery of photos we've taken of this smartphone below, and have a peek at our review of this device in the link to the right of this paragraph.

From T-Mobile this device is going to be available with "JUMP! On Demand", which is $0 upfront and just $34/month for 18 months – that'll be $612 in all. There's also a "T-Mobile's interest-free financing" option that has the device for $0 down + $30 x 24 months (FRP: $719.99).