Blackberry Predictions: May 17th to see Verizon/Sprint Pearl & T-Mob 83xx?

Blackberry lovers have another date to add to their electronic diaries, the 17th May; that's when analysts Merrill Lynch believe both the Verizon/Sprint Pearl and T-Mobile 83xx WiFi Blackberry will be launched.  That would coincide rather sweetly with RIM's Capital Markets Day, and do all manner of lush things to their stock price.


In fact things are predicted to be generally damned rosy for RIM, with competitors like Palm, Motorola and Nokia all under-performing and what's expected to be a healthy report of first-quarter earnings.  They currently have a market share of 23% with their existing product range, and given the glowing reports of the Pearl and 83xx ranges that looks only set to rise.

Seeking Alpha [via Pinstack - thanks Gina-Lisa for the tip]