BlackBerry Porsche crossover continues with Z10-inspired reboot

There's nothing like a good Porsche BlackBerry phone to make you realize that there's a niche for essentially any sort of smartphone you can think of, just so long as it's got a brand attached to it. Here we're seeing the continuation of the Porsche BlackBerry team-up, coming up from the last edition which rolled out with a full QWERTY keyboard. This device is inspired by the BlackBerry Z10, though its full touchscreen UI is slightly modified beyond that first-generation product.

While the BlackBerry Z10 remains a bit more boxy, the BlackBerry Porsche P9982 (aka BlackBerry P'9982) brings a bit of what appears to be a metal frame and a textured back panel. Down below you'll find a more egg-shaped bumper while the top continues to stick to the flatness of the first Z10.

Along the device's back you'll find a long panel near the top containing plastic and a couple of holes for the smartphone's camera and single LED flash. This panel peeks through the device's removable back panel, under which you'll also find room for a microSIM card and a microSD card for memory expansion. It would also appear that the removable battery trend continues with this handset.

This device looks to be working with wireless charging and will be released for a price not unlike the original Porsche BlackBerry. That's a cool $2,000 USD, mind you. Sound like a reasonable price for such a handset?

Have a peek at our original BlackBerry Z10 review and check how this new Porsche edition might be stacking up. Remember that an alternate UI will be in place whenever this machine actually sees the light of day.