BlackBerry PlayBook video chat app work-in-progress admits exec

RIM are currently working on a new peer-to-peer video conferencing app expected to launch alongside the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, and taking advantage of the slate's front and rear facing cameras. According to RIM VP of enterprise strategy David Heit, talking to CIO, the company opted for home-grown software rather than relying on a third-party app like Skype.

Heit apparently compared the so-far unnamed BlackBerry video chat app to Apple's FaceTime on the iPhone 4, iPod touch 4th-gen, Mac and new iPad 2, with the software supposedly intended for consumer use. It's unclear whether that means it uses a proprietary standard limiting video chats between PlayBook owners, or if other services will be able to tap into the RIM system.

However, with no current BlackBerry smartphone having a front-facing camera, and nothing suggesting that's going to change on the recently leaked 2011 roadmap, it seems only PlayBook users will get the RIM app for the time being. According to Heit, more news on the app's release will come "very soon."

[via BerryReview]